The greatest activity of our herbalism is to produce more than a hundred plant extracts (tinctures), including about twenty compound formulas. The compound formulas are designed to bring together several plants with similar effects and / or complementary effects with the same medicinal purposes to maximize their therapeutic values.  They are made for the majority, from the most active parts of the fresh plants picked in our gardens at the appropriate times, where they are at their maximum medicinal potential. Some of the extracts (tinctures) are made from dried biological plants or from wild picking out of our gardens. Our plants are carefully picked by hand and are quickly macerated in organic sugar cane alcohol. The alcohol is a solvent which allows to extract the maximum of the active principles of the plants (molecules having medicinal or therapeutic effects). The alcohol guarantees an interesting stability and lifetime. Using a mechanical press, after a few weeks of maceration, the mixture of plants and alcohol is pressed and filtered. The result is a precious liquid rich in different active ingredients. Each plant has its own medicinal characteristics. These plant extracts are concentrated, we advise you to respect the indicated dosages. The bottles are equipped with an integrated dropper. If you want to avoid alcohol, although in a few drops it has very little, put your drops in a little boiling water, wait a few seconds and the alcohol will be evaporated. Please read the precautions carefully before use. Store in a dry place away from light.

  • Plant transformation is done according to the strict GMP standards "Good Manufacturing Practices" according to high standards of Health Canada.
  • We have a license from Health Canada.
  • Our products are certified ORGANIC by Ecocert Canada.


Please note that the therapeutic information mentioned on this website is on an informal basis only and not prescriptive. If in doubt about your health, consult health care professional; Herbalist, naturopath, pharmacist, nurse or physician.


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